Sunday, April 17, 2011

Settling in Nairobi until our visas come through

We are now experiencing the very common "headache" that many missionaries have to deal with and that is: VISAS! We are trying every possible option we can to get visas for N. Sudan. Please keep praying for a miracle because we are very eager to begin language school as soon as possible. Once we are more fluent in Arabic, we will be ready to move on to God's next assignment for us somewhere in Sudan. So while we wait in Nairobi, God is challenging me to blossom where I'm planted. So that means no matter how long or short we will be in Kenya, I want to make the most of it. I am back to homeschooling the boys and Eli will begin helping out in our SIM Sudan office here in Nairobi. The greatest joy of being here is the chance to enjoy our sweet friends. In the above picture, I got to spend a lovely Girl's Night with two of my lovely teammates, Amy and Beverly, at a local coffee shop. It is such a joy to walk through life on the missionfield, on the frontlines, with these amazing women.
Thankfully Isaac, Evan, and Joshua have already become re-acquainted with their friends who live in the same compound as our SIM Sudan guesthouse. The boys have been playing a lot of soccer and recently, taught their friends how to play Uno.

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