Thursday, May 06, 2010

Travel Plans

We still have a lot up in the air, but we want to inform you all of our travel plans.
On May 16 at 11:10 p.m. we'll fly out of Nairobi, to London, and arrive in Charlotte on May 17th. We'll be in Charlotte for 3 days to debrief at the SIM headquarters and make sure we're clear medically. On the 20th, a good friend is coming to pick us up and drive our family and luggage the 2 hours to Columbia.
We'll spend the next month or so settling in and hope to see relatives during the summer. It looks like November through January will be our busiest travel months. In November we'll cover the midwest: Chicago, Grand Rapids area, first, then to Laguna Beach, CA in December for Audrey's wedding, then up the west coast through OR and WA and hopefully even ID. So if you're in any of those areas and you want to get together, please email us so we can make those plans.
So, 10 more days and we'll be back in our home country, culture, and language. That will be nice!


Leslie and Thomas said...

I hope Thomas and I will get to see you guys sometime while you're home!
- Leslie

lethadiane said...

So excited you all will be in the Northwest some! I will be in Washington after I graduate on the 28th - will have to plan a way to see you all. - Letha

JJMR said...

I'm so super excited for you guys to come home for a while:) I hope your trip is safe and fun! And cna't wait to talk on the phone...Its been 3-4 years since we talked last....... Love you and see you in December In Sunny California:)

Bonnie said...

Hope to see you in Grand Rapids as well as in North or South Carolina!!
Travel safely!!
Aunt Bonnie

Lou Woods said...

Oh how I wish I would be in Washington when you are coming up the coast. You'll have to catch up with the others from the Awesome God in Sudan team! I'm relocating to Abu Dhabi just in time for the hot season and Ramadan. God's timing is always interesting!

May you have a blessed time in your home country. Love to you,

Baby steps to where we want to be said...

looking forward to see yall when you get to columbia and getting our kiddos together to play. praying for yall right now as you are traveling!