Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fantastic Week at the beach

This was the kind of family vacation every family would dream of. We got to spend a whole week in a villa on the Indian ocean with most of Eli's family (we were missing 2 nephews and a brother-in-law). As you will see from the pictures we spent most of our time in the water, either in the pool or on the beach. Some of the week's highlights were:
1. A ride to the coral gardens and a sand bar on a glass bottom boat
2. Body surfing the waves at high tide
3. All the good food that was cooked for us by a chef.
4. Games and times of sharing every night when the kids were in bed.
5. A heated tennis game
6. Inventing all kinds of tricks to do in the pool.
7. Camel rides on the beach.
8. Drinking coconut milk and eating fresh coconut right out of the palm tree above us!
7-year-old cousin Keegan and Josh on the boat

Caleb, Eli, and Jason entertained us by diving into the little rings.

Keegan and Isaac had fun diving for coins at the bottom of the pool.

Keegan on top of Jason, on top of Caleb!

Baby Abi happy in a ring of her own

Joshua loved this raft!

Nana with all her grandkids and Bethany

Our family on the boat ride
Joshua got to hold a live starfish. Don't worry, we put him right back in the ocean where he belongs!
Uncle Caleb buried Josh in the sand and gave hims some nice legs while he was at it!

Eli is showing Joshua something at the sandbar.

Yes, all five of us got to ride the camels up and down the beach. Joshua cried and cried until it was finally his turn to get on.

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bobelainenews said...

Thanks so much, Bethany and Eli, for the great pics of all the family. We loved seeing you have such a great time together. Blessings of your HA. Love and prayers, Elaine and Bob