Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our growing boy

Lately my heart has been so full of thanks for my children. God has given me such a deep feeling of contentment during this past week. I've felt like there's truly no where else I'd rather be and nothing I'd rather be doing with my life. Some of the highlights have been:
1. Getting henna (herbal dye) on the bottoms of my feet and on my fingernails by my dear friend, Hakima.
2. Watching Joshua take his first steps alone yesterday.
3. Planting a vegetable garden and planting flowers all over the compound now that the rains are finally here!
4. Doing preschool with my boys
5. Visiting Eli at the bridge and constantly being amazed at the incredible man God gave me.

Here are a few pictures of Joshua:

Aunt Canberra is one of Joshua's favorite people. I'm so thankful for all the special "aunts" and "uncles" our children have since we're so far away from the rest of our family.

The great thing about life in Sudan for little boys: DIRT! And when it rains...there's MUD!

It's been fun to get involved with the bridge work - as a family. Some afternoons the boys and I walk down to the river to check on Eli and see how the bridge is coming along. In this picture, Josh was ready to drive us all home.

And here he is: almost one year old and he knows he's cute and he knows he's big.


Aaron Stewart said...

I love reading your updates and seeing the pictures you post. :)

Rachel, Andy, Christopher, and Kaela said...

I'm so blessed by keeping up with your family. God is truly using you all. Thanks for keeping us updated. Your boys are adorable - I love the pictures.

Tereza said...

aeems like a sweet life though I know there must be challenges too! Loved the thankfulness in this post!

Amrita said...

Oooo I love little Josh 's pix.

Henna is used as a cooling agent , hair condotioner and cosmetic on the hands and feet in India. its interesting that you use it in Sudan.Its very popular here.

During weddings and festivals women have henna tattoos on their hands and legs