Friday, March 27, 2009

A sweet season of my life

I still can’t believe Emily Greene, one of my best friends ever, lives in Yabus with me right now. We’ve been close friends since high school in Kenya and no matter where we live or what’s going on in our lives, we've shared it with each other.

The best part of her being here is that she can see and experience my life in Sudan for herself. And nowwe’re living our lives side by side. Four days a week we do preschool together for all the kids (see picture above.) This morning Emily and I sat in the shade and sung in harmony like we always used to do, while our kids played.
As many of you can guess, living in such a hot and rural part of Africa is not easy. Yet Emily and her family have adjusted beautifully and smoothly. They’ve been here almost 2 weeks. Phil and Eli go to work on the bridge every morning and Emily and I hold down the fort back home with our kids. I’ve been so encouraged by the sacrifice Phil and Emily have made to come spend two months in Yabus with us to help finish the Unity Bridge. But Phil isn’t the only one in ministry here. Emily has encouraged and blessed me immensely since she’s been here. She has observed my roles here and affirms that God is using me in special ways too. That is a huge comfort.
I have had many lonely times since coming to Yabus, but am currently soaking up this precious time with Emily.

Pool parties at our house!


Amrita said...

Lovely to see both of you sweet friends and families having fellowship together and serving the Lord.May the Lord bless your time together.

Nate and Amy said...

Cool! Glad you're having such a fun time Bethany!

Doug and Heike said...

YAY!!!! Miss you! Emily, I'm so glad I got to see you in Nairobi!

Rachel, Andy, Christopher, and Kaela said...

I'm praying for all of you. Enjoy your time together.

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