Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A great day in Yabus!

It was a wonderful day today. We welcomed the Greenes who patiently have gone through two weeks of traveling in order to get here. Their plane was cancelled on the runway in Kenya to bring them up North so they spent a couple extra days in Nairobi and finally arrived today. It was a busy time but I believe they are almost moved in. Bethany has been fighting strep throat for the last few days and is currently bed-ridden. She has slept the full day and is still tired. I get stares from both Sudanese men and women as I carry Josh on my back around the compound. It takes a ton of energy to do what Bethany does. After only a couple of days I am ready for her to be better ASAP.
Along with the Greenes came a roll of the most beautiful cable I have ever seen. It took five of us to unload it from the plane into the truck and then a few more to unload it from the truck to the ground but 1 of 4 rolls now lies on Sudanese soil. We need these four rolls ASAP to finish the bridge. Mmmm, how I love logistics in Africa.
Just wanted to quickly update you all on what/how the Fader fam in Sudan is doing.
Please pray for a speedy recovery for Bethany as the survival of all the Fader boys hinges upon it.
- Eli


brokenman said...

thanks for your post. we've been worried about the Greenes since we haven't heard from them. Caleb talks about them constantly since they left. Boo Hoo. Take good care of them. Happy bridge building.
the hendersons

Denise said...

Praying for Bethany's return to health!

(Allison Martyn's Mom)