Monday, December 22, 2008

Chocolate Chick

Today was our teammate Asule's birthday so while the boys were napping, I baked a chocolate cake. I had finished the batter and set it on a stool in our kitchen hut while I went to get more charcoal. Just a few seconds later I heard a baby chick squawking and guess what I found? A baby chick was stuck in my chocolate cake batter! He had ventured to hop into the bowl for a taste and fell in! YUCK!

I wanted to help get him out but when I got close the mama hen flew at me and attacked me. I ran out of the kitchen, right into Zephaniah, our guard. I told him what happened and he helped rescue the now chocolate dunked chick.

After all the hard work of making the cake, I was hesitant to throw it out. I checked for feathers, dirt, and poop and found none, so in the oven it went! At the birthday party tonight I couldn't decide if it would be good to tell the story or not. Maybe tomorrow.


Justin and Krista said...

So Bethany, no signs of dirt or poop, but how do you know the little guy didn't pee in it? Oh well, I'm sure it tasted delicious anyway. You guys are real missionaries!

Emily Greene said...

great story! classic! amazing that you whipped out your camera to capture the chick on film! can't wait to be with you in the new year!

Diana said...

That is so funny! I'm going to post that on my cooking blog. I've thought about cooking in Africa being a challenge because of ingredients or tools, not adventurous chicks!

JJ said...

Bahaha! What a funny story. Thank you for sharing. Bethany you are so funny. I want to be like you.

Anyway, I was wondering if can you tell me who is still around the compound? I am writing letters and I am giving it to a man from SIM who will be joining you in January. I met him in Seattle. Crazy eh? Anyway, I guess the main ones I am wondering about is the Kasu family, David, Daniel, Ester, and Yuna.

Merry Christmas.

Amrita said...

Oh dear me

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