Monday, February 27, 2017

Homeschool week at Rift Valley Academy

It is time for me to introduce this wonderful school to you all because it is about to be a very important part of our family next year. Rift Valley Academy is a boarding school for missionary children whose parents serve in African countries. Eli and I both graduated from this school and have very fond memories of our years there. It is crazy that now, almost 18 years later, our oldest has been accepted to join next year. 

Joshua playing handbells
The 5th and 6th graders playing handbells 
 Several times a year the school invites homeschooled children and their families to come for a week and experience a bit of the Rift Valley life. Children spend part of the week taking a standardized test to make sure they're keeping up to standards in their education but they also get to attend classes with the RVA students and are paired up with a "pal" for the week. We came in 2015 and that was what got Isaac thinking about coming here in the first place. About 4 months after the last homeschool week Isaac asked us if he could apply, so we did. And this week we found out he has a place which is very exciting (and sad for me!)

The boys with some of their friends eating in the school cafeteria

The boys had a very full week making friends, attending classes and playing really hard on the playground and on the hockey courts. Their favorite game was playing hockey while skating on a ripstick (type of skateboard). Needless to say, we were all exhausted when we got back to Nairobi on Friday evening.
Emily and I eating lunch just like old times

Emily was my roommate and best friend during my years at Rift Valley Academy and isn't it amazing that both of our oldest sons will be starting at RVA next year?! It was really special to spend the week with Emily and her family and what memories it brought back!
Emily and I 
The day we left RVA we got the boys' test scores back and were so thankful and encouraged to hear that they are all doing really well in their grade levels. What a relief that was for me as their education has been my full time ministry for the past 7 years! Hopefully we can jump back into our homeschool routine back in our Nairobi apartment with new vigor, knowing we're right where we need to be.

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Sandy said...

Bethany, that is exciting! I can't believe your guy is growing up so fast. It is fun to see a picture of you and Emily and to hear that Joshua will have a friend next year.

I got the pleasure of seeing all three Fader brothers last night. Having met you (remember the INCH conference in Lansing?) - and Caleb and Jason - it felt like I had known Eli for some time! :)

God bless you this week!