Monday, May 02, 2016


We got a special delivery last week: 3 sweet, starving little kittens. One of our guards brought them as a gift for the boys, one for each of them. They have been a sweet addition to our already crazy household.

Trying to teach school with a kitty on my lap
 The main draw back of having three baby kittens in our family now is that they're so cute they've become quite the distraction during home school. They hear us all back in the school room and come meowing, begging for attention, climbing all over the boys and choosing to nap on their books!


Jared Staples said...

They are so cute! I'm amazed how they have their own African look. Kitten and chickens. What will you add next? A goat could be good.

Bill and Kayla said...

Oh my, they are precious and the boys look so happy to have these adorable friends to cuddle.