Monday, March 07, 2016

Bits of Pieces of our life lately

Life long friends 
One of the highlights of this last week was when one of the boys' best friends since 2007 in Yabus came to visit us after we hadn't seen him for a few months. Just before Christmas, their friend German moved back to Yabus with his family and we weren't sure when we'd see them again. It was a wonderful surprise one morning in the middle of doing school to find German and Butrus (another friend) at our door! They had walked all day the day before to get to Doro. They didn't come just to see us. German's parents sent him with money to buy things in our market that they can't get in Yabus. It was so special for the boys to catch up and Isaac gave German the Christmas gift he bought for him while we were in Kenya - an English Bible.

Kaya Church
 2 Sundays ago we worshipped with one of the young churches in the furthest camp, Kaya. Our Mabaan pastor friend and his wife, and our teammate Merina came along and we had a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement from the Word of God.

So you can see what our drive looks like - the roads are great!

Boys making friends
 Every Saturday and Sunday, while we're out in the Ingassana camps, our boys are amazing at making friends and making the most of the hours while Eli and I are teaching. Last weekend they took cards along and played games.

Doesn't take long to bond

Friends from Melut days
 Yesterday a family who graduated from Gideon Theological College in Melut came to visit. I had visited Miriam and her five children earlier in the week and then they came to see us. Her husband (a GTC grad) is now getting studying for his Master's degree in Ghana. This is the giant baobab tree in our backyard where we often host our visitors.

Evan and his good neighbor friend, Santi
How many boys can squeeze on one tree branch?
 One of the things that brings me so much joy in my life here in South Sudan is watching my boys thrive, make friends, and be out in the community. I am so thankful that they feel at home here and can make friends so easily.

Josh with the hen he named Midnight

About a month ago the boys decided they'd like to start raising chickens. They even used some of their own money to buy a few hens. All the chickens have names and are already multiplying. One hen has 2 chicks and another hen is laying eggs.
Evan with Caramel

Since we have a major animal lover in our family, we end up caring for some of the most interesting creatures. A few weeks ago this Abyssinian Roller bird landed in our compound and was too sick to fly. Joshua tried to feed it water and ants but it didn't survive. Sure is a beautiful bird though.

My friend Jawahir and her newborn daughter
 It was a joy to visit my friend Jawahir yesterday and celebrate the birth of her first daughter after four sons! She lives in Gendrassa and is married to an Ingassana man.

3 countries in an "airplane"
 This is a picture a teammate took of the boys playing on the other missionary compound with their S. Sudanese friend and their little Ethiopian buddy. I love how they can take a pile of junk and turn it into a game.

Father and Son bonding

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Jared Staples said...

Oh, I just love the photos! Just wish I could be there and meet all of these people face to face. Thank you for taking the time to write about what God is doing!