Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dating in Doro

Dining in the great outdoors
   It is not common for a man and woman to do anything alone here. When two of our sweet teammates invited our kids to come over for dinner and games last night, Eli asked if he could take me out for dinner on a date. That was very thoughtful of him, however, dining out here in Doro means a very different thing than you might be imagining in your mind. It might mean we have one thing to choose from on the menu (since South Sudan is experience high inflation, people can't afford to keep their businesses open.) There is also the chance while on a dinner date in the market that others might join you for your meal. Needless to say, I chose to make an easy meal for the two of us to enjoy at home. We set up a table outside with a tablecloth, flowers and a cold drink and solar lights for ambiance once the sun set.
    It was so lovely to pause in the busyness of our first month back in Doro since Christmas, to talk and eat pudding under the stars. Moments like our date (only 2 weeks after Valentine's day) are what can really recharge and refresh us in our day to day lives here.

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Jared Staples said...

Love how you can find joy in the simple things. And I love how you can make any table pretty and any occasion special! What a gift to give you family, Bethany!