Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gotta roll with it

I wanted to update you praying friends about Bible study with the ladies in Gendrassa yesterday. I was sure in a pickle on Wednesday night. Wednesday afternoon both of my options for getting out to Gendrassa fell through so when I went to bed that night, I had no idea how I was going to get out there. In a matter of ten minutes Thursday morning, after a few text messages, one of my teammates offered to go with me and drive and then I heard from Hadiya that she could come translate! I was so delighted.

So Thursday afternoon Ruth and I headed out to Gendrassa together. We arrived at the little church right at 2 but ended up having to wait for about 20 minutes before anyone showed up. Hadiya never came but Maha, one of the ladies who is really shining as a leader, has basically started teaching the classes. She is hearing these passages of God's Word for the first time but since she reads Arabic beautifully, we just keep returning to the text and what it says. She summarizes and re-words the verses into simpler Arabic and also their native language. I am so proud of her.

This is definitely way different than any Bible study or teaching I've ever done. I am constantly feeling stretched and challenged and yet I am convinced that this is what God wants me to be involved in right now. I returned from Gendrassa on Thursday, again in awe of God and how He works things out according to His plan, not mine. I wish I was more flexible. In this context, I'm being forced to learn how to flex and "roll with it".

On a different note, we were excited to receive new equipment on a plane on Thursday for our team to set up new internet. A technician came with the stuff and Eli was helping to build a tower for the new satellite dish. Sadly, Thursday night a thief came to the compound and stole some of the new equipment! We were so disappointed. Somehow someone knew the equipment had arrived and knew where to find it and stole it in the night! Eli had to go to town to file a report with the police and we are praying that the thieves will realize they can't use the equipment and return it.

As I shared in my previous post, we've experienced a rough patch lately. Seems like one thing falls apart after another. Yesterday I found myself not even knowing how to respond when Eli got a call saying a quad bike broke down and needed help. Or when staph infection continues to spread through our family. Or when the phone rang at 7 am on Saturday morning...

I know we must press on and fix our eyes on Jesus. Can't let ourselves get bogged down with what is going on around us. Gotta remember why we're here. 

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Heather and Jeff Ladine said...

Keep reflecting on His faithfulness and remember you're in the midst of the harvest and the enemy is not happy. Keep pressing on in His strength.