Saturday, May 02, 2015

Experience a day with Eli

Returning from a boat trip up river
 I am always amazed at my husband and how God has uniquely gifted him to do what he does with such grace and humility here in South Sudan. Eli wears many hats and never complains though he is known for crashing in the evenings after a cool shower. Let me give you a glimpse into one of Eli's days this week.

By 8:00 am Eli has read his Bible with his coffee on our porch facing the Nile, eaten breakfast, and is heading out to begin his day. On Wednesday this week Eli took the boat to pick up an Australian friend who works upriver and he also checked in on some of the new Shilluk camps across the river. (The Shilluk is one of the majority tribes in South Sudan.)

In the office
 When he gets to his office he takes care of finances, manages workers and construction on campus, prepares for his English and computer classes and grades homework.

Computer Class
 From 4-7 pm every afternoon, Monday through Friday, Eli is in the classroom. He teaches English for two hours and then computer from 6-7. The computer class is smaller since a requirement was for students to have laptops.

The perfect ending on a hot day
Even after a long, hot, tiring day, Eli finds time to play with the boys in the river and be refreshed.

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