Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Light in the Dark

This week the Lord has been so near to the boys and I while Eli has been in South Sudan. It has been so precious to pray with the kids about "Papa's" trip, to ask the Lord to open Eli's eyes and ears to see and hear what he needs to, so we can follow where He wants us to go.

Last night our devotions before bed were so fitting to our situation and we had a wonderful discussion and time of prayer as a response. The devotion from Streams in the Desert for Kids was titled, "Fear in the Dark" and it posed a great question about why we sometimes fear the dark. There is nothing harmful about darkness itself, but it is what we imagine could be there that scares us.
"Just like the dark, fear and worry grow in uncertainty. Worrying about the future is like being scared of the dark - we're afraid of things we imagine could happen. That's when we turn on a nightlight. Jesus, the Light of the World, runs into the darkness to show us that there is nothing we need to worry about. "

The boys nodded that this was true and agreed that we don't need to worry about our future, Our oldest, who is 10, articulated that he knew God was going to show us what He wants us to do because he knows how much we've been praying about it. Though the truth was sinking into their young hearts, I felt like it was sinking even deeper into mine and impacting me with its simple Truth and reminders.

So today I'm thankful for the Light. The Light who goes before us and tells us the way to go.
The boys and I are memorizing this verse this week: Proverbs 16:3 --
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans."

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