Friday, March 13, 2015

Eli is on his way home today!

Gideon Theological College: Melut, South Sudan

For the past 10 days Eli has been back on South Sudan soil and loving every minute of it. I have been so thankful that he and I have been able to talk/communicate at least once every single day. Eli spent every day sitting with Southern Sudanese friends, hearing what their year was like, and asking what they think about our family returning to Melut. He also explored the college campus with the Operations Manager, our teammate, to see all the work and renovations that need to be done and enjoyed times of fellowship, prayer, and meeting with our small remaining team.

A boat on the Nile River, passing campus
There are quite a few changes on campus due to several non-governmental organizations that are renting GTC buildings while the school is not in session. It will definitely be an adjustment when we return but we are trying to remember that change can be good.

I am counting the hours until my husband walks in our front door. Right now the countdown is 4 hours - as long as he stays on schedule. I will ask him to write one of his famous blog posts to give you all more details of his trip. Thank you so much for praying for him while he's been away. He was healthy the whole time and even managed to survive the temperatures that went above 110 degrees! And thank you for praying for the boys and I. We thrived on routine every day with school in the mornings and getting together with different friends in the afternoons. We are eager to be a family of five again though.

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