Saturday, February 28, 2015

Home school week at Rift Valley Academy

Joshua with his buddy Levi in a fun pepper tree
 Completely unexpectedly we found ourselves this week at Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school for missionary children here in Kenya, for their "home school week". During the week, all three of our children were tested to see where they're at in their grade level and they joined the kids in their grade for a "taste" of boarding school.
       Our boys especially loved recess time and joined in the soccer games every chance they got. When we asked each of the boys what their favorite part of the week was they said:
Isaac - "I liked going to classes with my buddy, especially Science when we were studying rocks."
Evan - "My favorite part was going down the zipline. It was scary at first but once I did it, I couldn't stop!"
Joshua - "I loved art class cuz we got to make our own paintings and I liked sitting in class with the other kids. And I loved playing lots of soccer!"

Look at this spectacular view from one of the sports fields!

The boys really loved eating in the cafeteria
 (same trays they had back when Eli and I went to school here!)

Evan playing tether ball on the playground with a new friend

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Sandy said...

What fun for your kids to see where you and Eli went to school!!! I love that each liked something different about their experience there!