Saturday, March 01, 2014

Our Travel Schedule: March and April

This coming week our family will begin a great adventure, covering thousands of miles and visiting many friends and churches to share what God is doing in South Sudan and in our family. If you're interested where we'll be and when check out our itinerary below and if you see that we'll be in your neck of the woods and you'd like us to stop by, call us.

Eli: (803)810-1359
Bethany: (803)810-1360


March 3: head to Frankling, Tennessee
March 4: head to Russiaville, Indiana
March 5: arrive in Chicago and settle into our own apt in Glen Ellyn.
March 9: speak at Harvest Time Bible Church, IL
March 15&16: share at Armitage Baptist Church in downtown Chicago at their Missions Conference.
March 17: drive to Muskegon, MI to celebrate Evan's 8th birthday with Eli's sister and her family.
March 23: share at Compass Church in Naperville, IL
March 30: share at Hope Bible Church
March 31: Drive to Sioux Falls

April 1: Drive to Mt. Rushmore
April 2: Drive to Bozeman, Montana
April 3: Drive to Kalispell, Montana
April 4 Drive to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
April 6: Drive to Auburn, WA with a stop in Spokane.
April 7-13: in Auburn, WA
April 14: Drive to Goldendale, WA to see Bethany's grandmother
April 15-17: Drive to Portland
April 18: Drive to Sacramento
April 19-24: Drive to Laguna Beach, CA to spend Easter with Audrey's sister and her family
April 24: Drive to Las Vegas
April 25: Drive to Glendale, Arizona
April 26-27: Family Fun at the Grand Canyon
April 27: Drive to Flagstaff
April 28: Drive to Amarillo, Texas
April 29: Drive to Dallas/Greenville, Texas
April 30: Drive to Memphis, Tennessee

May 1: Drive to Atlanta, Georgia
May 2: Finally make it back to Columbia, SC to hopefully settle down and be in one place for a while!

We would very much appreciate your prayers for our family during these weeks of travel.

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