Sunday, January 19, 2014

While We Wait

Well, I have tried to write on my blog multiple times in the last few weeks and part of the problem is that our internet has been bad, plus the website won't let me post pictures, but honestly I think most of the reason is that I just don't know what to write. There is so much swirling around in my head even now, but for your sake I will try to put some thoughts and information down for you.

We arrived in Kenya on January 13th and have enjoyed re-connecting with other missionaries and teammates with our organization. We attended a very encouraging time of prayer on Saturday morning this weekend with missionaries from all different organizations who have been working in South Sudan.

We also had a very good Melut team meeting this afternoon where we shared updates on what is going on in Melut from what we gather from emails and phone calls with our South Sudanese friends and colleagues there. And we talked about our risk thresholds and where each of us stand as far as knowing when we are comfortable to head back into South Sudan.

There have been some disappointments this last week where fighting got worse not better in the capital of our state, Upper Nile. We have been so heartbroken by the horrific stories we hear and how it is affecting all our dear friends. Food is now becoming a serious problem since many markets, shops, and homes have been looted.

Just this weekend we hear news that a ceasefire agreement has been put into place between the two sides so please pray with us that this will be the first step in South Sudan returning to peace. It will still take a lot of time to "heal" and return to any kind of normalcy.

This week we're attending SIM South Sudan's Yearly Spiritual Life Conference. Every year we go to a beautiful location in the tea fields and spend five days with our team fellowshipping, praying, worshipping and hearing reports of what God is doing in SIM's different bases. All of our plans are in the air as we wait to see what will happen each day in South Sudan. For now we wait and pray.


Sandy said...

Thank you for the update, Bethany. My heart grieves for your dear friends. For you too. May God's peace prevail.

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