Monday, January 27, 2014

Our 2014 Spiritual Life Conference

The boys with their MK friends
This year our Spiritual Life Conference with our whole SIM South Sudan team couldn't have happened at a more perfect time. A month after all pulling out of South Sudan due to fighting and unrest, we spent 5 days together in a beautiful place - worshiping the King, praying, encouraging one another, and hearing from the Lord through a great pastor, Steve Harling.

The kids enjoyed sitting at the "kids table" at almost every meal
 Our conference was held at Brackenhurst, a beautiful conference center amidst Kenyan tea fields. We ate 3 meals a day plus two tea breaks complete with cookies, muffins, or doughnuts. Yes, we were spoiled this week!

A team came from Tennessee to teach and love on our children while we were in sessions all morning. At the end of the week all the kids performed a few fun songs for us.

A team also came to lead our worship. One day my dear friend and teammate, Amie Cross, did sign language to the hymn, "It is Well with my Soul" and it was so powerful and moving for all of us.

We also had a fun skit/talent show afternoon. Our Kenyan friends got up to sing and dance, including Debbie. :)

 One night we made a fire in our room and cuddled up next to it while Eli read before bed. It was a special time to spend as a family since we'd been busy all week.

Our teacher, Steve Harling, shared Elijah's story from 1 and 2 Kings, challenging and encouraging us in our journey of faith.

I close with this picture of our Melut team. Two couples are missing because they are with Pioneers so were not at our conference. The couple on the far left are hoping to join us later this year. We are saddened that for now our team will spend at least the next 6 months in different areas since it is still not safe to return to South Sudan. Please pray for our whole South Sudan team as we pray and pray about what comes next for all of us and for our dear brothers and sisters in South Sudan.

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