Saturday, November 23, 2013

More Baking Fun

Nyaguay, Adau, Eliza and I

Every now and then I pause to think about the differences of my life here in South Sudan and what it would be like were I back in the States. With the holiday season upon us, I would definitely be in baking mode but probably baking batches of cookies with my boys or on my own. I've noticed more this year than I have in years past that during the holiday season here, I am doing my baking with friends.

Last weekend I baked two cakes for our dear friend Eliza's son's birthday. Some of the boys at that party went home and told their mom about the cake and said they wanted it at their birthday too (this boy's birthday was on Wed.) I told Eliza I would be happy to show her friends how to bake cake so they could do it on their own in the future and even offer to bake cakes for other friends and neighbors. So on Wednesday afternoon the three ladies came over and we mixed up two cakes together and baked them in my oven. The ladies mixed up the third cake all on their own and it turned out just like the others! They were so excited with this new skill that they invited the boys and I to come later for the festivities.

This birthday party was one of the most meaningful birthday parties I've ever been to. The birthday boy was turning 6 and when his mother gave a welcome speech to all the guests she shared that she'd lost children before so she decided a few years back to have a special time of prayer and thanks to the Lord every year on her childrens' birthdays. It was a sweet time of singing, encouraging and speaking blessings over the family and birthday boy and then praying together. After the "service" we enjoyed cake, zalabia (doughnuts) and tea. I am thankful for the opportunity this has given us to build new friendships with women off campus.

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Sandy said...

Oooh! Look at that baby eyeing the cake! I bet it smelled delicious!