Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Baking Anyone?

Look at all that cookie dough!

The holiday we at Gideon Theological College are celebrating, or at least preparing to celebrate, is GRADUATION! The graduation for our students who have worked so hard these four years earning their college degree has finally arrived. November 30th is Graduation Day so preparations have already begun on campus: song rehearsals, meetings, food/feast prep, campus cleaning, etc. Today a group of women from our church came to help bake a very large batch of khabiiz (special Sudanese cookies).
They used a special attachment on a meat grinder to form the design on the cookies.

My teammate Amie was trying her hand at cranking the cookies out

Another teammate, Karen, examined the finished work as it headed to the ovens outside.

Outside three different charcoal ovens had their coals stoked and ready. Each batch of cookies only took several minutes since it was so hot!

Serving with a smile
 These types of projects are always so much fun because the ladies joke around, tell stories and drink coffee while they work so it's really just a fun party!

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