Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Looking back at September

The students gathered to send off a man who came to apply for the job of Principal.
September was quite a doozy. But on this first day of October, my heart is overflowing with thanks for God's Great Faithfulness to our family and to the Bible college ministry going on here in Melut. I have been reminded that this is not a sprint. We press on, setting our pace, so as not to fall over in exhaustion but to finish the race God has marked out for us. Finishing seems a long way off so we plod on...
       This month started off the birth of another baby to one of our students. The labor was full of challenges due to the mother's high blood pressure and grim state of our hospital in town. We praise the Lord for a healthy baby named after Claire, our teammate who is a nurse and literally saved the mother's life that day!
     This month we also continued the process of searching for a new Principal for the college. Several men have come to Melut in person to fill out applications and have a casual interview with Jamie and Eli (see picture above.) It has been a roller coaster ride but we are hopeful October is the month we will finally have a new Principal. It has now been 4 months since our beloved Principal Philip Eisa went to be with Jesus.
     Another highlight of September was a visit by two lovely ladies on our SIM team from Kenya. Their mission was to encourage our team. It was a very special time.

Quite the playground!

Meanwhile our boys are doing great. They continue to enjoy homeschooling and playing outside with their friends as long as there is daylight! Last week a storm blew over our large tree in front of our house so it has become their new playground.



A joy to this lady's heart has been eating from our garden. My garden wasn't super successful this year but we have been enjoying cucumbers, spinach and now squash and even a few carrots!


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