Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Dear Friend Rejoicing in Heaven

Elizabeth William is now with Jesus
*Photo taken by Tohru Inoue

The very next day after I, Bethany, returned from my retreat in Bali, we received a phone call in Nairobi, Kenya that one of our students at Gideon Theological College, Elizabeth William, had passed away. About a month ago she traveled to Egypt for medical treatment due to heart problems. She unexpectedly had to undergo surgery for appendicitis and it must have been too much for her heart. None of us were there so it is hard not knowing exactly what took her life.
But as the picture depicts above - we know she is dancing and rejoicing in the presence of her Lord and Savior now. Our campus and community here are still very much in shock. Our family hurried to get back to Melut and we made it in time for Elizabeth's funeral. She left behind 8 children and her husband John. Please pray for their whole family. Elizabeth was one of those extraordinary women that you knew from the time you met her that she was amazing and God was using her in a BIG way. We don't understand why she had to leave us at a young age of 47 but we trust that God is with us, comforting us and leading us forward.
With only four weeks until graduation here at GTC, this has been very hard on the students. The college cancelled classes for a whole week and resumed today, October 28th. Please also pray for them as they are missing their classmate and are reminded of her absence every day when they see her empty chair and desk. Pray that they will finish strong.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for your loss and for those eight precious kids losing their mom. So sad.