Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting back into Melut life

It's always interesting to me how it takes some time to get back into normal life again after being in Kenya for a break. Of course this time around, circumstances were even more complicated by the sudden passing of our dear colleague, Philip Eisa, but as we cling to the Lord each day, we're slowly getting our feet back under us.

Some of the highlights of our first weeks back have been:
1. The beginning of the rainy season. Everyone on campus has been out digging and planting their gardens including our boys. This year they've joined their friends to plant their very own garden. They are planting maize, okra and onions. :)

2. Another highlight has been getting back into home school. OK, highlight for me, maybe not for the boys. :) Since we had just moved into our new house 2 weeks before we went on R&R in Kenya, we finally put up some posters, maps, multiplication tables and set up a real classroom!

3. Eli's birthday rolled around on June 6th and it was a joy to celebrate with our Melut team.

4. I always enjoy seeing Eli relax since he works so hard. I bought him a hammock for his birthday this year and he's already putting it to great use!

5. Last week our teammate Claire Meckler, finished up a great First Aid course she's been teaching to the student wives on campus. The grand finale was a presentation of their very own fully stocked first aid kits. They were ecstatic.

6. Q-Tip, our cat, was very relieved to have us home after a very lonely month. He is now making up for lost time with many hugs and cuddles.

7. Our first Saturday back, we went into town to have breakfast: Sudanese chai (tea) with zalabia (doughnuts). It's sure good to be back!

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