Sunday, April 07, 2013

Another new addition to our team here in Melut

  On Wednesday, April 3, we welcomed another new family to our team. The Bolands with Pioneers, have lived in Sudan before and spent a month here in Melut as a family in 2012. They've come back to stay. Jamie will be acting as academic dean and teaching in the college.

The student body and all their families gathered to sing and welcome the Boland family.

In chapel on Friday we welcomed Jamie and his wife Claudia and their two children: Tomasso (5) and Chiara (3).

Eli was very excited to hand over all academic dean responsibilities to Jamie. He stuck a heavy metal weight in the envelope of documents to symbolize the "heaviness" of his duties. :)

Jamie also publicly thanked Eli for all his hard work as academic dean over the last 9 months.

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