Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Change of Pace

The day before we left Melut, the boys caught their best catch of fish ever!

Then they had a big fish fry with all their friends. One of their mamas offered to fry it all up for them.

There was space in the back of the caravan plane so the boys played with their friend Rachel on the flight to Nairobi, Kenya
On our way we spent the night in a town called Lokichoggio which is on the border of Kenya and South Sudan
We got to eat burgers, fries and ice cream for supper! This is what we call, "initiation to R&R"!

On our first trip to the grocery store the boys picked out these gigantic lollipops that will take all week to eat!
We are so excited to have a month away to rest and be refreshed before heading back in May.

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