Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Our House Progress!

Building this house has been quite the adventure, quite the journey. But these last few weeks we have seen so much progress and it's very exciting to think of moving in soon. Last weekend our building team started the roof. You can see that they began work right at sunrise while the tin was still cool.

Only 2 days later...

This will be our screened in porch where we will spend a LOT of time looking out at the Nile and hosting our friends and visitors here.

Evan thought he'd test out our new toilet. :)

Yesterday while Eli wired our entire house for electricity, our boys "helped" out.

With this new style of construction with ferrocement, fencing and wire mesh is first put up between the metal poles. Then cement is "slapped" onto the wire mesh. This pictures is BEFORE...

...and this is the same wall AFTER!
So today was the first day of cement work and the first layer of cement. Once this first layer has set (about 3 days) they will put the next layer of cement and finish the surface. I'd say we're getting very close to Moving Day!


Kayce Church said...

What a unique way to build a house! Metal sure has a lot of benefits. Starting with the roof will help to protect you from the heat of the sun. I do hope those metal wall supports are installed properly on the ground. Otherwise, it will be pulled off by strong winds.

Lashawn Gore said...

Its nice to see your boys sharing the enthusiasm of building your new place. It's been 2 months now; have you guys moved in already? I love your screened porch. I would also spend most of my time sitting there, appreciating the Nile. I wish you all the best. Good luck!

Lashawn Gore