Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrating our 7 year old

I still remember this precious moment when Evan came into the world crying his little heart out. Then the nurse placed him in my arms and I introduced myself and he recognized my voice right away and calmed down.

I like how Eli held our babies like they were a big rugby ball.

Isaac became a big brother at only 20 months old.

Such a smiley baby

Little Buddies

Evan was only 15 months old when we moved to South Sudan. This was their usual attire.

Fun ways to keep cool in the heat

Evan loved the planes we used to fly in and out of Sudan.

Always surrounded by friends

At only age 2 he was given his first safrock (throwing stick.)

Age 3 - playing in the Yabus River

Age 4

1st home assignment in the United States at age 4. He got to go to a semester of preschool in SC.

Age 5 - spent a year in Khartoum, Sudan and got to visit the ancient pyramids.

Driving a boat on the River Nile

Playing on the beach of the Nile River on his 6th Birthday

A few months after Evan turned 6 we moved to Melut, South Sudan

Our new home is a little boys' paradise!

March 17, 2013 - celebrated Evan's 7th birthday all weekend long with an outdoor theater party on Saturday night with 50+ children from campus, then waffles for breakfast Sunday morning, lunch in town, and a fun party with our missionary family in the evening with chocolate doughnuts and ice cream given by our UN friends. I told Evan last night as I tucked him into bed, that it's going to be hard to top this birthday!

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