Sunday, March 31, 2013

All Moved into our new home!

It is hard to believe that only 2 months after we started building this house, we've moved in! Now, that doesn't mean it's completely finished. There are still quite a few little details like screening in the windows and getting our toilet set up, but we have officially moved in and slept our first night in the new house on Saturday night!

Eli's putting in light bulbs (notice the nice stone work our builder did)

On Thursday we went over to clean. We knew we'd be busy on Friday celebrating Good Friday at church and we wanted to have the house ready to move in on Saturday morning.

We had some super cute helpers

I'm so excited about my kitchen counters complete with tile tops!

On Saturday, moving day, most of the college families came and helped out. Here John and Marko are helping install the bar for the boys' hanging shelves.

The boys figured out that with the help of their triple bunk bed, they can peep over their wall into the main area. :)

To add to the excitement of moving day, as we were enjoying a lovely lunch at the Cross' house, we were attacked by mean bees and chased across campus - what a site we were! Poor Josh was stung 7 times, Eli 2 times, and Bethany 3. Here Josh was sleeping off the Benadryl in the heat of the afternoon.

In true Sudanese culture, we arranged a coffee/tea time in the afternoon to say "Thank you" to all our friends for helping out. Thanks to Miriam who roasted and brewed the delicious coffee for everyone.

The men and women drank their coffee separately

Eating calzones made by Amie Cross for our first dinner in our new home - on our porch of course!

One of the amazing things about our big move has been seeing what it's like to have a larger team. Our team has been so supportive, helpful, and loving towards us as we've cleaned, packed, moved, and then unpacked all in a matter of a few days. David Heska spent hours helping with odd jobs during the last week, Claire came and cleaned and carried trunks full of food and kitchen stuff to our new house, and Amie Cross cooked us 4 meals in a row!

This morning God gave us a beautiful "Welcome Home" sunrise.
Praise the Lord for His amazing timing and for how He caused everything to work out so beautifully.


Jason and Heather Fader said...

Yay! So glad for you! We love all the great pictures and the great features of your new home. Especially the porch and the kitchen counters and the sunrise view. Praying for a good week of settling in. Love you, h/j/a/a

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