Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Week Recap in Photos

This was our last full week before the new semester starts back at Gideon Theological College so it feels like we've been trying to squeeze in as much as we can! One of the most exciting things this week was seeing our new teammates' homes finally being finished. Here you can see both of their houses are up, painted, and they even put up some tarps to provide some shaded area between them since the weather is above 100 degrees every day.

Meanwhile, not far away, our house continues to progress. This picture was taken on Monday and it's already come a long way.

Another project this week was working on the new latrine for our teammates. Eli spent some time down the deep pit slapping cement on the walls.

Over the weekend the boys had a campout in our yard near the river. They put up several bug tents, had dinner roasted on the campfire, complete with homemade marshmallows, and had a blast with their friends. I slept inside in my comfy bed but loved hearing the giggles and laughs drifting through the windows.

It is fun to have some new friends for the kids to play with. Joshua and William shared the job of licking the cake batter bowl today.

Our friend John had dinner with us a few nights ago and tried tacos for the first time. He enjoyed them so much he had three!

We are now looking forward to a weekend and hoping we can slow down a bit and catch a breath before school starts up on Monday.

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