Monday, February 11, 2013

Lots of Building going on in Melut!

Though the planning began way back in October, our supplies and building materials have finally arrived in Melut. We have seen a lot of activity in the last 3 weeks with several plane loads of prefab housing and a few truck loads of cement, iron and other building supplies from a nearby city 3 hours away. It's very much been a team effort!

Eli has spent the last 4 days working with our new teammate Jonathan Cross, to put up their prefab house. Once the house is complete with electricity connected, he will fly back to Kenya to bring his wife and four children to Melut.

3-room house put up in 4 days! Now for the touch ups...

Not far away, our house continues to progress slowly but surely. Last week the foundation was poured and this week...

...the trusses went up for the roof. Our builder has been dividing his attention between 2 projects but starting this week he will be able to focus more energy on our house so we're excited to see what gets done.

With the long, full days of work, it's important these guys take time to kick back and relax now and then. On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a nice gathering with our neighbors and friends here at GTC.

The boys were delighted that little donuts were on the menu!


Sandy said...

That is exciting! Thanks for posting pictures. It's fun to imagine your family's day to day life. And I LOVE your donuts!

Christian Dream Interpretation said...

Don't forget to put some scriptures on the rafters!