Monday, February 04, 2013

Dedicating the new GTC boat

Gideon Theological College has been blessed with the donation of a boat to use for our college's ministries and for revenue for the college. Once the boat finally made it to Melut, we held a special thanksgiving and dedication service to thank the Lord for this boat and commit its use to God and His glory.

We are asking God to provide a Christian boat driver who will be a man of integrity and trust.

We also spent time rejoicing and singing together

After the service we enjoyed a special meal together as a GTC family.

After the meal we all went to the river banks and each family had a ride on the new boat.

Some of the passengers looked a little worried as they first set out but they returned wearing big smiles!

The boat driver is one of our newest SIM teammates: Jon Cross. Look for more news on his family to come...

It was such a fun day to be reminded of God's good gifts and to celebrate and have fun together.

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