Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Isaac wasn't hearing well

For the past month we've noticed that Isaac has trouble hearing well. I was starting to feel guity because I had to yell at him in order for him to hear me. Then last week he started complaining that one of his ears hurt. He didn't have any other symptoms of infection like fever so I was flushing his ears out trying to get the extra wax out.
Claire, our team nurse also came over to check on him and after some of the wax came out we realized we could see something black in his ear - a fly? After several prayers and a nice flush of his ear. a large mass came out! See picture below:

We're still not sure what exactly it was but at least he can hear better now and his ear is on the mend. After experiences like this I can only laugh and say: NEVER A DULL MOMENT IN MELUT, SUDAN!

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