Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Month of August in pictures

 On August 6th, the new semester here at Gideon Theological College in Melut started. Eli teaches Intro to Islam, Hermeneutics, and Prophets and is also stepping in temporarily as the academic dean.

Bethany is teaching a class on how to teach literacy

Sunday mornings we attend the local Sudan Interior Church here in Melut. On Sunday evenings we join other khawadja (ex-pats) for a time of worship, God's Word, prayer and fellowship in English.

Last Saturday we hosted a fun game day at our house with teammate Claire Meckler and our amazing neighbors Chris and Bev Rupke.

We are very thankful that we haven't seen many snakes in the last 2 months but Eli is a great snake killer on the rare occasion that we see one these days.

In his limited free time Eli enjoys working on his motorcycle, usually accompanied by a "helper".

Joshua thought our cat Q-Tip needed to learn his Arabic alphabet!

All I can say here is: "BOYS!"

Teaching a game of chess

Home school every morning at 10 am.

No better way to unwind for Bethany than to play guitar, sitting on the Nile River's edge, as the sun sets!

We are now eating delicious vegetables from our garden. The rains are already dwindling significantly so we're thankful to be right near the river. Many evenings Eli and I work together to water the garden by bringing bucketfuls of water from the river.

Very soon we'll be eating tomatoes too!

  Spike the hedgehog was our very unusual pet for a week. We kept him outside and he stayed close to the house for a few days and then decided to move on. It was fun while it lasted.

Not a day goes by that I'm not amazed that we get to live together with our dear friends from Yabus, Yuna and Marta and their 7, almost 8 children!

Thank you so much for praying for us and following our news this month. Quite often we're amazed that we get to live such a full and incredible life here in Melut. But we are not here on our own. We need your prayers and support and are very thankful for it each day.


Heather and Jeff Ladine said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing your life with us through the blog. We miss you so much and are praying for you.

Holly said...

I love reading your updates! Our now sixth grade son had to write a missionary to fulfill an AWANA requirement back when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade. He picked your family from the list The Compass church provided. What a blessing your blog has been to me to be able to follow your work and see what life is like for you. I do wonder about the Nile--aren't there a lot of crocodiles? Although we haven't met, I feel like I know your family from this blog and I pray for you all often.


Helen Daniel said...

Bethany!!! You are playing guitar in front of people!!!!!!

So impressed and encouraged for you.

Thank you for posting these pictures and telling us about your every day life. You truly are in a wonderful place and those boys are growing up to be such troopers!

Big hugs from K town,