Saturday, August 11, 2012

Full but wonderful life!

Many of you might not know but last week I, Bethany, had to quickly fly to Kenya to get a root canal because I just couldn't wait any longer. Eli did a wonderful job here in Melut with all three boys on top of his other responsibilities. God very much had His hand on my travels and brought me safely home by boat on Sunday evening. The next morning our new semester began at Gideon Theological College and I taught the first class at 8:30 - Teaching Literacy in the Community.
No, the picture above is not me. :) Mr. Philip Eisa, our principal taught Research Methods on Tuesday.

Welcome to the Principal's Office: Mr. Philip Eisa

Academic Dean: Eli Fader

Secretary: Joyce

Librarian, school nurse, health & Bible teacher: Claire Meckler

The students seem refreshed from their break and motivated for the new semester.

Saturdays are now called Sanitation Saturday on our campus. Every Saturday morning students work around their homes to keep the compound clean - picking up garbage, weeding their gardens, slashing grass, etc. Sometimes they get together for a project. One week they all planted thorn and mahogany trees along our property to create a living fence. Today they worked to clear the rubble and weeds off of an old collapsed house so that the cement floor and partial walls can be used for a new tent where guests can stay when they come to visit campus.

Eli and the men worked on problem solving skills as they discussed how to erect the poles for the tent cover.

Isaac, Evan and Josh love doing their part. They are just like their Papa and LOVE working hard.

As you can see, our boys are still very content and fit right into life here. Now that we've been in Melut for 2 months it definitely feels like home. The boys have made special friends. Their friends are over every afternoon as soon as school is out and they play hard until it's time to come in for dinner.

This little girl cried the first time she saw me. Now she runs into my arms yelling, "Nyadeng! Nyadeng!" (my Dinka name) when she sees me!

In other news, we are all very thankful for good rains because the gardens all over campus are flourishing. Today Nyayup was showing me how tall her maize has grown - now it's taller than her!

We are also very very grateful to have Elizabeth as part of our family. She began working for us, helping out in the house, when we first arrived but now she comes 5 days a week to help wash clothes, clean house, and cook. While I was away in Kenya, she began cooking and when I got back I heard how good her food was. Since my mornings are full with class at the college plus homeschooling the boys, it is such a blessing that she cooks lunch and has it ready every day for us. This week she fried fresh fish and it was seriously the best fried fish we had ever tasted. She is such a gift!

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