Thursday, August 23, 2012

A quadruple baby shower!

  On Tuesday Claire and I hosted a quadruple baby shower for 4 student wives who are all expecting babies in the near future. It was a surprise. We didn't tell any of the women what we were doing. They thought they were coming to their regular Tuesday health class with Claire. And it was quite a surprise. The classroom was decorated with tinsel, we'd made tea and cakes and cookies, and even had a giveaway of clothes and toys.

Claire called up each pregnant mama one at a time.

Claire passed out prenatal vitamins
 Julia, the lady on the far right, hadn't told anyone she was pregnant yet so this was a fun way to announce it. (We asked for her permission before hand.)

 Then we gave a small gift to each mother which included a baby blanket, baby outfit, and some nice soap for the mother.

When the college had been in the north, student wives were taught to knit and made these lovely doilies. We found them in storage and handed them out to everyone who came.

Before we had our big give away of clothes and toys and other fun items, Claire did a raffle for a nice large suitcase. The bunny in the hat was holding all the numbers. :) After the winner claimed the suitcase, Claire read out trivia questions about different mothers and babies in the Bible. Each woman who answered a question correctly got to pick a prize from the gift table. It was such fun!

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Anonymous said...

I can totally imagine all the women laughing the entire time at the unexpected celebration. What joy!