Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome and Farewell Party

 Last week was the final week of this first semester of the year at Gideon Theological College. To celebrate the end of exams, and say farewell to the Donker family who have invested many years in the school, and welcome us to Melut, there was a lovely afternoon celebration with the students and their families.
 The student wives sang a special song

 The students also sang

 The Commissioner was our guest of honor and gave a short speech about goodbyes

 This is Mr. Philip, our principal of Gideon Theological College with the school secretary, Joyce on his right. After welcoming the Donker family up front to appreciate their years of hard work, and after a kind speech by Philip, they were presented with gifts from the students.

 Then they welcomed Eli and I to the front with a special song. Eli introduced us again and then expressed how excited we are to be here and humbled to try to fill such big shoes.

 Dr. Donker bequeathed his box of chalk and red pen to Eli.

 Kathy passed on the "kettle of hospitality" to me.

 Next, the Donkers presented lovely photo albums as gifts to each student, filled with photos of their first 2 years in college life so far.

 After the program tea, carcade (hibiscus drink) and local doughnuts were served and everyone had a chance to mingle.
 Eli and our friend Yuna from Yabus

 Evan enjoyed the tea too!

And here we are: group photo of Gideon Theological College. We're PROUD to be a part of the group!!!

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