Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our first fish attempt

 Though Eli and the boys fish almost every day, they didn't catch this one! We have some friendly fisherman friends who now beach their boat by our fence every day to show us their catch. Yesterday when Eli saw this crazy eel-like fish WITH TEETH, he couldn't resist. And so the lesson began for me: how to gut, clean, and fillet a fish!

This guy had some serious teeth! And he weighed a little more than 4 kilos which is more than 8 pounds! The other strange characteristic it had was 4 appendages! The things that live in the Nile! Eli wanted it for lunch so the first thing I did was go over to my neighbor Mary to ask her to come show me how it's done. She told me this fish is very very tasty but takes extra work.

 I'm sparing you the pictures of what I had to watch! After cutting off the head and pulling out all its innards, we put the pieces of fish in boiling water for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, we could take the chunks of meat out and with a knife, pull off the skin and scales.

Next, we deep fried it in oil and I sent half of the fish home with Mary. This was very much a bonding experience!

The family very much enjoyed lunch! I think Josh and Isaac ate more than anyone!


Michelle said...

This reminds me of the Animal Planet show, River Monsters, that Caleb and I like to watch! Yikes!

Seth and Anya said...

Hey, so after reading this, I went and looked online and thought it resembled the african lungfish??? What do you think? Could that be what it is? Wow! I would not be getting in the water if I were you!

Verena Schafroth said...

Hi you guys,

my name is Verena - I am the one who built the house you live in now :-). It would be great to chat a little on how you are doing. My email address is


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just Wow.
And we love you,

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