Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feeling Blessed

 This week we moved to another, larger house on the campus. The Donker family wrapped up their 3 years here in Melut and flew out, leaving their house for us to live in until we build our own. It is great to have more space, to be able to unpack all our things, and to feel a bit more settled. This morning Eli and the boys hung a swing in the front yard and as I looked at the view from the kitchen window I was amazed that we get a frontyard like this! The Nile River is in the background, garden on the right, swing to the right.

Our home for the next 6 months

The view seems unreal!

My little monkey

 Joshua came running in the house to tell me he'd made a new friend. I was eager to see who he meant and had to laugh when I found out it was this little black goat! Joshua told me the goat had been talking to him. Sure enough, when I got out there, the goat was baahing at Josh and on his own, Josh had the idea to start feeding him the lovely new grass growing in our yard. Doesn't he look so proud?

This is my little garden. We hired someone to come help build the fence which was completed this week.

These are my little plants at the end of week one. Can't wait to see how it goes!

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