Monday, April 09, 2012

A Great Finish

 During our last few weeks in Khartoum, we'd been asking God to help us finish strong and make good closure with all our friends. He has surely answered our prayers! We've had many special outings and farewell gatherings. You can see that Eli and I aren't the only ones saying goodbye!

 On Easter morning, our entire church family met on the beach before 6:30 am to have a special sunrise service on the Nile River. It was beautiful in many ways.

 Eli gave the Bible Reading

 Isaac sang a song with the older Sunday school children. (We didn't get the memo to wear white.)

 I guess men say their goodbyes a little differently than women do :)

A kind fisherman let us get our picture taken on his boat - what a great ending to a truly wonderful year in Khartoum! We fly out tonight in the middle of the night and will arrive in Nairobi, Kenya first thing tomorrow morning.

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