Monday, April 23, 2012

All we can say is: PLEASE PRAY!

 These pictures are from
As we daily pray for South Sudan, we are almost fearful to check the news. Today my heart sunk as I read the breaking news. The northern armies bombed the town of Bentiu, hitting the market. This is the North coming into southern territory and dropping bombs. How long will they be able to take this?

 Look at this face for a minute. Think about the life this young man has had and the suffering and loss he's experienced. And please pray for God's sovereign will to be done.

This woman ran from the bombing just this morning, April 23rd.


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Anshita Shastri said...

yes it is true if we are in such problems only God helps us in such situatons we cant even feel what those were facing who were there in this disaster.oh God please help......i liked yur way of writing

Alexa said...

Absolutely heartbreaking. I admire your courage.