Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Do Not Like Green Okra Soup

In homeschool today, one of Isaac's assigments (we've been reading Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" this week) was to write a similar poem after choosing a food that he doesn't like and writing about it in the same fashion. He chose green okra soup which is a staple food in Sudan. It's slimy, green goo and not pleasant to the eyes or throat. :) He did a great job putting a poem together. I thought it sounded like a fun idea so I wrote my own version:

I do not like green okra soup
not even in a chicken coop
I would not eat it on a plate
I would not eat it on a date
I would not eat it with my bread
I would not eat it if it turned red
I would not eat it with some fish
with kisra, asida, or any other dish
I would not eat it with special spice
I can't even look at it, it's just not nice
I do not like green okra soup
I do not think that I can stoop
but let me try it so I can see
if it's really disgusting or quite tasty
Say! I like green okra soup today
and that's a good thing since I'm here to stay.


Megan said...

Oh my word, that's awesome! I think you have the next Theo LeSieg on your hands. :) It was so much fun to read! Way to go, Isaac!

Krista said...

Hey, so I'm guessing it's similar to the moula daraba in Chad and that's what I'm making for the international dinner during missions conference! I should print off your poem and have it sitting there on the mat to represent you also!

The Agnes family said...

Bethanie would like you to know that she DOES like green okra soup (and also your poem!)

Anonymous said...

O Honey, that poem was too cute! Dad and I laughed & laughed!!!!! (Oooo, so happy you integrate Dr. Suess into your homeschooling!)

love, Mimo and Grandpa

roye said...

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