Monday, January 30, 2012

Boys' Progress Report

 Yesterday I went to visit the boys at school and meet with the principal to hear how they're doing. It was so encouraging to hear very glowing reports about each boy.
Joshua: he has a true Sudanese accent and surprises his teachers with the things he says!
Evan: has really come out of his shell and is actually singing along in music class and participating more.
Isaac: is a true helper and friend. Since he's older than most of the kids he leans over and helps his friends with handwriting or if others are fighting on the playground he tries to break it up.

  In March Isaac and Evan will graduate. Joshua is only in playgroup so if we were to stay in Ktm longer, he would move up to the next class. On graduation day, March 22, there will be a grand celebration and the children are already rehearsing songs and dramas for that day. In the above picture, they sang 2 songs while I spied through the window.

 On Thursdays the children get extra play time on the playground and the boys look forward to that all week.
 This school has been a huge blessing to our family. Not only has it made it possible for me to take Arabic classes, but it has improved the boys' Arabic, their social skills and they've made so many friends. Though they are young I have no doubts that they have made an impact. 


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God bless you and your sweet family.

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