Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am a huge fan of reflection. I think our faith and trust in God grows as we look back on our lives and remember how God has been faithful and reflect on what He’s been doing in our lives. Today has been reflection day—looking back at the last 4 months we’ve been in Khartoum, North Sudan.

Looking back through my journal I realized that before we arrived in Khartoum, I had a lot of fear and uncertainty about what life would be like  here: how would we manage living in such intense heat, how would the kids handle another change, and would we really be able to make progress in our Arabic study?

It’s been a challenging 4 months but as I reflect I am dazzled by God’s goodness and provision for our family. The boys have adjusted beautifully, love their Arabic school, are progressing in their Arabic, and have many friends at school and in the neighborhood. God gives us grace everyday to endure the heat and we’re thankful for coolers and fans in the house. As far as our Arabic study, instead of one school we attend 2 different programs and we believe we’ve come a long way. We are complimented in the market and everywhere we go because we can communicate in their language.

I think the most unexpected blessing from God’s hand has been the amazing friends we’ve made here. I imagined we’d be so busy with language school we wouldn’t have a chance to be very involved in our community but God has given us that joy. After 4 months of pouring into our friendships, we feel we have a good base now to share more deeply of our Savior and our walk with Him.

Other things we’re thankful for are:

· our SIM team, though small we’re tight.

· Our comfortable home.

· Full monthly support from those back home.

· A great international church that we attend here.

· Expatriate friends to share, pray, and encourage each other.