Monday, August 08, 2011

A peak into the lives of our 3 MK's

 You might wonder what life is like for Isaac (7), Evan (5), and Joshua (3) here in Sudan. I will try and paint you a picture with these photos taken this week. In the above picture we all worked together to make a chocolate cake.

 We received our first care package in Khartoum and it took less than 3 weeks to get here! The boys were so excited to pull out all the fun treats (even new underwear which Isaac liked so much he wanted to wear them on his head!)

 Evan invented his own new game using discarded soda bottle lids. He had a little checker board going.
 Isaac - being the usual boss - giving instructions on how to play the "game" using a mixture of English and Arabic.

 Joshua found his own toy to play with - he pranced around the medan/yard on a dry branch.

 Isn't this priceless? Don't you wish you could listen in on their conversation? What language are they speaking and what are they talking about? And what's so funny?!

How many kids can get on a bike? As you can see, our boys are happy and thriving and watching them bloom here in Khartoum makes it all the easier for Eli and I to blossom as well.

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Ruth Sorensen said...

These 3 boys are Grandpa & Mimo's joys!!!! Such cute pics! love, Mom