Saturday, August 06, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

 My life-long friend Jessica Carr was getting married on July 26 and I wanted to be in her wedding so bad. What could I do from way over here in Sudan?! Between my amazing husband and God's perfect timing, I got my visa and plane ticket the day before I flew out to South Carolina for 10 days of wedding fun and seeing friends. It was just the refreshment and encouragement I needed after our first 2 intense months of language study.

 I arrived 4 days before the wedding, just in time for the fun stuff, including a delightful ladies tea party/bridal shower.

 I brought henna from Sudan (a dye for skin and hair) and when we went to the salon to get our nails done the day before the wedding, God worked it out so that we got in touch with a beautiful Egyptian gal who does henna art in Columbia. We called her up and she came down to the salon to paint henna on all the bridesmaids and on the bride. The bride had special decorations on both hands and both feet.

 The wedding day was beautiful. Though Columbia, SC in July is very hot and humid, God gave us a cooler, cloudy day and we enjoyed a sweet riverside ceremony. Here is the beautiful beaming bride and her 3 bridesmaids.
 The cherry on the top of this whole trip was my sister! Audrey flew from CA to sing a duet with me in the wedding and play the guitar for the wedding. Both of us really needed some sister time so it was a beautiful blessing.
Of course we had to celebrate with a dinner at the Olive Garden - a favorite place.
I arrived home earlier this week, excited to be reunited with Eli and the boys and ready to get back into language learning and the rest of life in Sudan. Eli did a marvelous job with the boys and I can see that they all have a tighter bond now. Thank you Lord for this unexpected gift from you!

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