Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Missing Friends

Isaac in his favorite spot - up in a tree
Evan is close behind
When did Joshua become such a big boy? Is he really almost 3?
Our boys have done a tremendous job adjusting back to life in Africa. There are a lot of differences between life in South Carolina and life in Kenya but thankfully it's a good in-between adjustment before we go to Sudan. There is a lot about Kenya the boys enjoy: lots of trees for climbing, mangoes, and new friends.

But lately they've really started missing the friends they left behind in the States, especially Isaac. At almost 7, it's been the hardest for him. During the past 3 weeks since we arrived in Kenya we've tried to have several skype dates with Isaac and Evan's best friends, our neighbors from Columbia, SC. But each time we try, the internet has problems and we can't get a good connection. This afternoon we tried off and on for almost an hour. By the end, Isaac had melted into a pile of tears saying, "I just want to have 10 minutes to talk to Jesse!"
It broke my heart to see the pains of being an MK begin to affect my little guy. I know them all too well and today I thanked the Lord for my background as an MK because I could tell Isaac I knew exactly how he felt and tell him how God helped me when I missed my friends. We sat down together for a while and I hugged and comforted him as I sent up a prayer asking God to touch my boy's soft heart.
We're so thankful for the wonderful people God brings into our lives as we walk this "journey" He's laid out for us. Unfortunately we spend large portions of time far away from many of you but know that we hold you dear in our hearts and we love you from across the ocean.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. Thanks for the insight into the mind of a little MK. As Thomas and I prepare to leave and take little Judah with us I'm often wondering how different his life is going to be than the one I knew growing up. So sorry we never got together with you guys!

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