Saturday, April 09, 2011

A few highlights of our first week back in Kenya

On Monday, just a few days after we arrived, Jason, Heather, and their sweet girls passed through Nairobi for a night so we met up at a restaurant and tried to catch up on as much news as we could in a short period of time. It's such a joy to have other family members on this continent!
On Tuesday our Yabus team arrived in Nairobi from Sudan for our conference next week. My Ethiopian sister, Kelemewa, taught me how to make Ethiopian food and we served a banquet for our friends when they arrived tired and hungry.
In order to make some structure in life for the boys, I unpacked our school books right away and we started back into school - Isaac back to 1st grade and Evan to Kindergarten.

All this week Eli attended an amazing conference. I will let him report to you.


Mary Sires said...

That food looked so good!--Really nice pictures of your kids! --They look ready for school!!

Seth and Anya said...

So glad to see you are doing well!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! Anya