Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Crocodile Farm

Today we had a wonderful Saturday excursion to Mamba Village. We thought it was called Mamba village because they had mamba snakes. But when we arrived we learned that mamba in Kiswahili means "crocodile" so we got to see a TON of crocodiles. First we saw the full grown crocs, then the croc eggs, croc babies, and last we saw the pre-teen crocs. We had our own guide who was full of all kinds of fun info. This was a leopard tortoise that we got to touch and pet.
This is a Kenyan style carousel. The boys loved it.

There was a lot more to do at Mamba village than just see the crocodiles. We also got to see peacocks, rabbits of different kinds, geese, ostrich, and a friendly giraffe named Wanjir. The boys made quick friends with the gentleman who hands out carrots so you can feed Wanjir yourself and they each fed the giraffe about 5 times from their hand.

These are the baby crocodiles and they were all lying out in the warm sun. These ones were about 2-3 feet long.
These were the big guys. Our guide even hopped the fence and started prodding some of them to get reactions out of them! We couldn't believe how brave he is and it sure made us think twice about every swimming in the Nile River knowing that crocs live in it!!!

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