Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our wonderful small group this year

Abby, Mika, Sabine, and Bethany at our cookout on Wednesday night

We had a nice cookout last night. It was a great time to visit and have fun with all the young couples we've been meeting with weekly from our church (at least while we're in Columbia!) This was our last time with them so we had to say some goodbyes but they also prayed for us and "sent" us off. We know we'll still be a part of their group - even from afar.
God has given us such wonderful new friends this year!

Caleb and Paul had a nice talk. We're so happy to have Caleb here with us!

3 buddies


Mary Sires said...

Bethany!! Just love these pictures! Funny how you named it "3 Buddies"!

niroa said...

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